Monday, May 30, 2011

Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather

Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather! I was so excited to finally try it (with strawberries finally [almost]in season. I made these with my food dehydrator and they turned out very tasty!! They are a great snack (especially for lunches or hikes.) Fruit leather is also very healthy if it's sweetened by natural sweeteners :)

Strawberry Apple Fruit Leather

600 grams strawberries (about 2 lbs)
4 apples of your choice (I used grannysmith)
3/4-1 cup 100% real juice [no sugar added]
a few drops of oil

Prepare your dehydrator by putting plastic wrap on top of each tray, either leaving room at the sides for ventilation or by poking holes in it. Add a couple drops of oil to each tray covered with plastic wrap and spread evenly with a pastry brush.

Cut off tops of strawberries and slice into chunks. Core and slice the apples. In a food processor, at a portion at a time, puree strawberries. If your food processor is big enough, add the apples with it and puree. If not, place strawberries in separate bowl, then process the apples. Once both are pureed, place them both back into the food processor, and start adding the juice slowly, while pulsing. Stop when the consistency is like a thick smoothie.

Portion out the puree onto the trays in what ever shape you want (I did about 2 1/2 inch circles) just make sure your puree portion is very thick. If they aren't thick enough, then as it dries it will shrink, be very thin and you'll have holes in your fruit leather. Fill the trays up but leave room in between each portion of puree.

If your dehydrator cannot be set to any specific temperature (I'm sorry! That's how mine is too) then just turn on the dehydrator and begin the fruit leather process. Dehydrate for about 5-6 hours, depending on your dehydrator. Check on it periodically and switch the tray order, so that the bottom ones don't get hard while the top ones still aren't done.

If your dehydrator can be set to a specific time (you're lucky!) here's what to set it to: 100 degrees F and dehydrate for about 16 hrs.

Finished consistency of the fruit leather should be pliable, sort of soft and easy to roll, yet still dry.

Store immediately when you take them out while they are still warm and fresh. Do this by rolling them up and tightly wrapping plastic wrap around each one. Keep them in an air tight container, and store in a cool, dry, and dark place. You can keep them out on the counter if you want to, but light causes the fruit leather to discolor.

Most importantly...enjoy!


  1. I love the idea of taking something that you would normally just buy and making it yourself! This fruit leather looks way more appetizing than the store bought version, and you know for sure what's in it. You have a lovely blog, can't wait for more entries!

  2. Loved it! This is the first fruit leather I have ever made and it was simple, easy, and delicious. My husband and I ate it right out of the dehydrater pan - thanks!

  3. Lovely idea! Also it is a simple & delicious dish to serve.

  4. Yummy because i love strawberry and flavor of this fruits makes me so crazy that's why i ordered strawberry cake for my birthday thanks

  5. Yummy, it looks really good and tasty but sadly strawberry season is out and I have to wait for next season to try this out. Thank you for sharing recipe, will be keeping it with me


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