Welcome to my blog!

I love God, my husband Phil, my family and life. My name is Katie, I recently got married just a few months ago, and I'm loving it! I wanted to start a food blog because of my passion for cooking/baking and also photography. Here you will find a variety of recipes; some from family, friends and the world wide web. 

How did the name come up?

I try to get as homemade and simple as I can get, while still saving money. I try to make things people would normally just buy at the grocery store, or would never think of making homemade. Simple and homemade seemed to fit best for how I cook and bake :)

Who does the photography?

Both my husband and I take pictures of just about everything and anywhere we go. For our wedding my mom and step dad gave us one of the best gifts, a new camera. I have a passion for photography but never quite had the best camera. We now have a Canon T2i, and we love it!!! It is perfect for our needs.

Where did my passion for cooking/baking come from?

I grew up with a lot of family that all share my same passion. So my whole life I saw what they cooked, baked, and how it tasted. But only recently have I really put all those years of observing and learning to practice: feeding my wonderful husband.

I love to spend time with God! I never used to be any kind of religious person or have any faith in anything. Since just a few years ago, when I started to believe in God, God has changed everything about my life...and I'm the happiest I've ever been! For testimonies of what God is doing currently in my and some of my friends' lives, follow this link! It's awesome!

Our lives are filled with lots of singing...lots and lots! Because we love it.

I hope you enjoy the recipes here! Have a great day!

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